Panama forms a natural bridge between North and South America. We are a country of services, leaning into banking, commercial and tourism activities, mainly due to its strategic geographical position.  The service economy represents about 80% of GDP which includes contributions from the Canal, the banks, the Free Zones, insurance, ports, and vessel registration, among others.


Some advantages of investing in Panama:


  • Economic, political and social stability.
  • Regulatory framework that protects and encourages private investment and offers tax, migratory and logistical benefits.
  • Equal treatment to domestics and foreign, as well as an independent and impartial Judiciary system.
  • A stable currency (US dollar) favors and simplifies business activities.
  • No taxes for foreign sourced income.


The strategic location of the Colon Free Zone, the largest in the Western Hemisphere and the Panama Canal, enjoy international recognition and represents key factors for maritime trade, with deep-water ports on both coasts (Balboa and Cristobal), maritime services that provide high logistically needs.